Once a year we recommend a review of the applicable procedures.

Ensuring the safety of personal data is a continuous process. New guidelines for the use of the GDPR, the changing business environment, and new employees are all factors which can affect the state of preparedness of your company to take care of the data.

Individualised training, tailored to the company's business profile for all or a selection of employees.

Presentation of the rules on the liability of employees and clarification of their rights and obligations towards the employer

Knowledge test for employees with documented results

Training in instructions for the processing of personal data in IT systems

Access to best practices regarding personal data safety in IT systems

Leaving the full set of training materials

Periodic audits and checks in the organization and on behalf of the client on the entities to which the personal data have been entrusted.

The three-stage audit of the RK RODO comprises:

  • Audit of the security features of the company’s personal data storage system and the implementation of requirements resulting from the GDPR and national laws
  • Audit of technical and organisational measures necessary for the protection of personal data
  • Issuing recommendations concerning organisational, physical and technical methods and systems of personal data protection

Performing periodic audits and checks on behalf of the client on the entities to which the personal data have been entrusted.

In accordance with the GDPR, the entity which entrusts data to another entity is responsible (also in terms of property) for the proper selection of the subcontractor and its compliance with the law.

Therefore, we offer to conduct a professional legal, organisational and information and communication audit at such as subcontractor’s premises, concluded with the issuance of an audit report and post-control recommendations.

This ensures that our clients have selected the right subcontractors who comply with the law and the outsourcing agreement. It also minimises the risk of imposing administrative fines or liability for damages on our clients, resulting from improper selection of a subcontractor or violations of regulations made by them.

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