The service which includes us being responsible for the overall management of data security in your organisation.

RK RODO’s consultants support your organization by:

Analysis of the company’s existing personal data security system and the adjustment of the company’s requirements resulting from the GDPR and national laws.

The function of the Personal Data Protection Officer in the organization.

Ongoing expert support in the scope of personal data protection and database management.

Performing periodic audits and checks on behalf of the client on the entities to which the personal data have been entrusted.

The function of the Personal Data Protection Officer in the organization

Immediate reaction to potential personal data safety breach incidents.

Responses to requests, complaints and requests from data subjects

Representing the client in proceedings before the President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data

Cooperation with the HR Department with regard to keeping records of persons authorised to process data and with regard to confidentiality statements.

Participation in audits, inspections and controls of personal data conducted by state authorities and business partners.

Fulfilment of legal obligations concerning obtaining consent for data processing and directing information obligations to data subjects.

Ongoing preparation and evaluation of personal data protection documentation to the full extent.

Preparation and implementation of documentation in case of processing of special categories of personal data (“sensitive data”).

Full substantive and organisational support for the Administrator of Information and Communication Systems

Preparation of additional internal procedures for the Information and Communication Systems Management Manual, supplementing the information and communication safety policy.

Support during audits, inspections and controls of the Information and Communication Systems Management Manual, conducted by the state authorities and business partners.

Support in the area of analysis of IT incidents and recommendations of best practices in the area of IT safety.

Conducting an annual internal audit of the relevance of the IT systems safety policy, concluded with recommendations and instructions.

Conducting regular information and communication safety reviews and testing existing security measures for resistance to external attacks.

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